Lifetime Workshop 2012, November 9-10, 2012, Santa Fe New Mexico at La Posada de
    Santa Fe Resort & Spa

There is great interest in improving the limits on neutron lifetime to the level of a precision of 0.1 s. The neutron lifetime is both an important fundamental quantity as well as parameter influencing important processes such as nucleosynthesis (Helium production in the early universe) and the rate of energy production in the sun.

It is the goal of the sponsoring institutions to create a roadmap of R&D needed to reach a decision point on an approach to a next generation neutron lifetime experiment that can be endorsed by the North American neutron community. The focus will be on experiments using traps using ultracold neutrons and confinement by a combination of magnetic and/or gravitational interaction in order to avoid systematic uncertainties introduced by neutron interactions with material walls.

Today, there are various experimental approaches being considered by a number of independent groups. In order to create a coherent path forward a number of issues need to be considered:

The format of the workshop will be a series of talks addressing the above issues followed by discussions by working groups to reach conclusions and sharpen approaches to issues. The product of the workshop will be; 1. A proceedings consisting of the contributions of the participants and 2. A white paper that answers as many as possible of the above bullets these, as well as other questions identified by the participants. It is envisioned this white paper will be an important input to the next Long Range Plan in nuclear physics.

Registration Information:

In order to plan appropriately for the workshop, we ask that all participants register at the website below. There is no cost for registration, but this this will ensure that we reserve a the appropriate size room for the meeting.

Lodging Information:

The conference will be held at the La Posada de Sante Fe Resort and Spa in Sante Fe, NM.

There is a block of rooms under the name "Next Generation", at the Government rate of $83.00 per night. You can make a reservation by calling (505) 986-0000 and asking for the reservations desk. The La Posada Hotel cutoff date for making this reservation is October 9. After this date they cannot guarantee the government rate or that rooms will be available.

If you need additional assistance in making your reservations, please contact Rose Romero at or call at (505) 665-7657.

Download a printable version of the schedule

Final Schedule with speakers and talks:

Day 1 (Friday, Nov. 9, 2012) - Montana Ballroom

Morning (Introduction/Overview)
8:00 - Welcome & Charge (Seestrom, LANL)
8:15 - Theoretical Introduction (Marciano, BNL)
8:45 - Overview of Beam Experiments (Wietfeldt, Tulane)
9:25 - Overview of Material Bottle Experiments (Geltenbort, ILL)
10:40 - Overview of Magnetic Trap Experiments (Huffman, NC State/ORNL)
11:20 - Phase Space Evolution (Liu, Indiana University)
Afternoon (Overview of physics issues)
1:20 - Marginal Trapping (Coakley, NIST)
1:50 - Chaos (Bowman, ORNL)
2:45 - Spin-flip losses (Steyerl, U. Rhode Island)
3:15 - UCN heating in traps (Walstrom, LANL)
4:00 - Blind analysis (Golub, NCSU)
4:30 - Absolute flux monitoring (Yue, NIST)
5:00 - Relative monitoring + Uniformity of Detectors (Morris, LANL)
5:30 - Overview of UCN Sources and Statistics Needed for 1s Uncertainty and Below (Young, NC State)

Day 2 (Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012) - Montana Ballroom

Morning ("Magnetic Trap" Experiments in Progress)
8:00 - Ezhov Experiment (Naviliat-Cuncic, MSU)
8:40 - NIST UCN Experiment (Mumm, NIST)
9:20 - Hope (Leung, Munich/ILL)
10:30 - LANL Experiment (Saunders, LANL)
11:10 - Penelope (Picker, CalTech)
11:50 - J-Parc Lifetime (Yamada, University of Tokyo)
Afternoon (Panel Members: Freedman/Kumar/Pendlebury/Dubbers)
2:00 - Panel Discussion (R&D Program, Strategy for Funding)
4:00 - Community Summary (~15 minutes per panel member)

Expert Panel:

Organizing Committee: