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Alina Aleksandrova -- University of Kentucky
Duarte Pais Alexandre -- Paul Scherrer Institut and ETH Zurich
Joshua Barrow -- University of Tennessee
Igor Berkutov -- North Carolina State University
Ripan Biswas -- Tulane University
Jared Brewington -- University of Kentucky
Mark Broering -- University of Kentucky
Jimmy Caylor -- University of Tennessee
Pin-Jung Chiu -- Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
Jonathan Curole -- Indiana State University
Moushumi Das -- University of Manitoba, Canada
Adam Dipert -- Arizona State University & NCSU
Andreas Doblhammer -- Atominstitut in Vienna, Austria
Solange Emmenegger -- ETH Z├╝rich, Switzerland
Blake Erickson -- University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
Laura Ferraris-Bouchez -- Laboratory of Subatomics Physics and Cosmology, France
Pierrick Flaux -- LPC Caen, France & PSI, Switzerland
Michelle Gervais -- University of Kentucky
Francisco Gonzalez -- Indiana University
Christopher Hayes -- North Carolina State University
Chelsea Hendrus -- University of Michigan
Derek Hinkle -- University of Tennessee Knoxville
Maximilian Hughes -- Michigan State University
Kavish Imam -- University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Wolfgang Klassen -- University of Manitoba, Canada
Kirill Korsak -- Indiana University Bloomington
Ruilin Li -- North Carolina State University
Kelsey Lund -- North Carolina State University
Lakshya Malhotra -- University of Kentucky
Christal Martin -- University of Tennessee, Knoxville
David Mathews -- University of Kentucky
Mark McCrea -- University of Kentucky
Daniel Moser -- Austrian Academy of Science, Austria
David Perryman -- University of Tennessee - Knoxville/ORNL
Glenn Randall -- Arizona State University
Grant Riley -- University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Kim Ross -- Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany
Danielle Schaper -- University of Kentucky
Mae Scott -- University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Abhyuday Sharda -- University of Tennessee
Steve Sidhu -- Simon Fraser University/TRIUMF, Canada
Kyle Steffen -- Indiana University, Bloomington
Stephanie Thomas -- University of Kentucky
Sean Vanbergen -- University of British Columbia, Canada
Christian White -- North Carolina State University
Ryan Whitehead -- University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Douglas Wong -- Indiana University


"Production of highly uniform magnetic field for the n2EDM experiment at the Paul Scherrer Institut"
Pierrick Flaux

"BL2: an in-beam measurement of the neutron lifetime"
Jimmy Caylor

"Development of a Cesium Magnetometer Array for the n2EDM Experiment".
Vincent Pais Duarte

"Johnson-Nyquist Noise Studies on the n2EDM Experiment".
Ping-Jung Chiu

"Magnetic Field Monitoring in the SNS nEDM Experiment"
Alina Aleksandrova

"Cell Charging in Superfluid 4He"
Mark Broering

"Measuring and compensating magnetic fields for n2EDM"
Solange Emmenegger

"Understanding the UCNtau experiment through simulations if trapped neutrons"
Frank Gonzalez

"Relativistic Treatment of Frequency Shifts for Spin 1/2 Particles in Electromagnetic Fields"
Lakshya Malhotra

"Correction of systematic effects due to magnetic field inhomogeneity in the PSI nEDM experiment with magnetic field mapping"
Laura Ferraris-Bouchez

"Mitigating Neutron Polarization in the Nab Experiment"
Chelsea Hendrus

"In Situ Magnetic Field Mapping System for the LANL Neutron EDM Experiment"
Jared Brewington

"3He depolarization of Superfluid 4He for SNS-nEDM Experiment"
Blake Erickson

"Precision Measurements in 20F Beta Decay"
Max Hughes

"Non-Linear Magneto-Optical Rotation"
Wolfgang Klassen

"Measuring the free neutron lifetime with magnetic storage"
Kim Ulrike Ross

"UCN transport at TRIUMF"
Steve Sidhu

"High-Sensitivity Atomic Magnetometer for Neutron EDM Experiment"
Moushumi Das

"Measurement of Neutron Polarization and Transportation for the nEDM@SNS experiment"
Kavish Imam

"Status Update of NoMoS"
Daniel Moser

"Magnetometry Methodology for the Nab Experiment"
Elizabeth Mae Scott

"A Precision Measurement of the Parity Violation Present in the 0.74 eV p-wave Resonance in 139La using the Double Lanthanum Technique"
Danielle Schaper